Gallery of customers

Those who have tried the Wound Healing Ointment on skin with rashes, mild eczema, minor wounds that needed healing, hydration and nourishing.

Stocked at Priceline Pharmacy Margaret River, West Busselton Pharmacy and the Berry Farm in Margaret River.

* Results may vary. The examples below were from 4-7 days to 3-4 weeks. Please consult your Dr if symptoms do not improve.

For soothing eczema. Results after 7 days.

For dermatitis, results after 4 days.


After the treatment of Efudix for Actinic Keratosis, the skin was red, inflamed, blistered and sore. The skin was better after 4-5 days of using the Wound Healing Ointment.

 To heal Molloscum spots after they were treated with Imiquinoid (Aldara) cream.

For a combination of eczema and fungal rash under the arms. Child had this  re-occuring rash for over a year. Topical steroids was used together with conventional anti-fungal creams. The child found these creams would hurt and sting his skin, but the Wound Healing Ointment was soothing and did not make him cry with pain. Results after 6 weeks (minor fungal skin infection can take longer to treat). 

For dermatitis, results after 4 days.


For healing spots that have been frozen with liquid nitrogen. Results in 5 days. 

For healing an actinic keratosis that was frozen with liquid nitrogen. Results in 3 weeks.

For healing minor wounds from surgery. Results after 3 weeks.

Customers have also used the Ointment to help Cold Sores and ulcers heal quicker, and we've also had feedback from a customer that it also worked for their haemorrhoids which surgeons were reluctant to operate as it would bleed easily.

Yes, it even works on animals. The stitches had come loose from a minor surgery on this dog which involved removal of a grass seed. Results after 5 days. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.