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Just a little blog to celebrate one of our wins this week..

This is an example of the Wound Healing Ointment healing a rash that was red, inflamed and would not go away or heal, often spreading down the one side, and causing extreme discomfort due to the itch. Often, what starts as a small patch of eczema or dermatitis can often spread to a fungal infection in areas that sweat a lot or is moist and humid like under the arms, or in the folds of skin like the breasts or bottom. This is because scratching breaks the skin surface and allows bacteria, viruses or fungal spores to invade. The skin normally acts as a effective wall or barrier to prevent foreign particles from getting into the system. This is how Staphylococcus aureus spreads as a secondary bacterial infection or how viruses such as Molloscum takes hold when a child also has eczema or dermatitis. 

Mum had tried topical steroids and anti-fungals over the past 8 months, and his skin had not improved. In fact, the eczema just seemed to keep spreading and the rash under his arm was sore, inflamed and itchy. Other creams would sting and he was not happy when the creams were applied. The Wound Healing Ointment was suggested as he wasn't allergic to pollen and it was applied twice a day for 6 weeks (last picture was after 6 weeks). It went on easily and did not sting like all the other creams. Big win for the little fella! The rash all along his sides had settled after a few weeks, and by week 6, the redness, itch and inflammation is almost all gone. Mum and son are really happy to see his eczema settled and looking forward to having itch-free days!


  • Active against Staph bacteria and Candida (the most common type of fungal infection).
  • Unlike topical steroid creams, regular use does not cause tolerance or dependence to develop. Topical Steroid Syndrome is characterised by uncontrollable, spreading dermatitis and worsening skin inflammation which requires a stronger topical steroid to get the same result as the first prescription. Red Skin Syndrome happens when the skin turns red and itch or burn after using a topical steroid cream for a prolonged time. Both conditions can happen when strong topical steroids are used regularly over  a prolonged period of time.
  • Propolis and Manuka Oil can also be used on broken skin and stimulates the immune response as opposed to suppressing it. Supporting the immune system is what we want to happen as suppressing the immune system can increase the risk of other infections taking hold. 
  • Unlike anti-biotics, regular use does not cause resistance to develop. Resistance to anti-biotics, anti-fungals and anti-virals is a serious problem and strains like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is causing havoc in the public health system. 
  • Unlike both topical antibiotics and steroid creams, Propolis and Manuka Oil actually helps with healing sores and broken skin. They contains a high amount of anti-oxidants, poly-phenols and active constituents that encourage regeneration of cells. Propolis have been used with great success in burns patients and patients with diabetic ulcers.


  • Fungal skin infections can take 2-3 months of treatment to go away, and treatment should carry on for two weeks after the rash goes away to ensure all the spores are treated as well.
  • Clothes and towels that come in contact with the skin should be washed on the highest setting on the washing machine to kill the spores.
  • Alternatively, anti-fungal/anti-bacterial soak such as Canesten Liquid wash can be used with the washing if the cold setting is preferred. 
  • Ensure clothes and towels are dried properly and not damp. 
  • Following all these steps will minimise the chances of the fungal infection re-occuring.

* Please consult a health professional if symptoms do not improve. If eczema or fungal rash is very bad, or looks infected please consult with your Doctor first before using this Ointment.

**For those who are allergic to pollen, please use the pollen-free Organic Manuka Healing Balm with Lavender and Wild Thyme Oil instead.

*** Wound Healing Ointment now stocked at The Berry Farm Margaret River, and West Busselton Pharmacy in Busselton.



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