I always feel like a Queen Bee with my little boys swarming around me..!!

Yay! Sunday finally arrived and I got the chance to visit the new Bee Colony Concept down at Metricup. I've been following them on Facebook and was super keen to see what they had in-store.

First,of course, I had to visit the Margaret River Chocolate factory, which was close by. Then, as we had our fill of eating handfuls of chocolate button samples and buying their mini-packs, I casually said, 'Hey, I'm just swinging by this place to get more honey...'. Sometimes there can be a lot of groaning when Mum suggests an 'interesting' place to have a browse..

Once we got in, we were greeted by very friendly and helpful staff. The boys were quite excited to see the various testers all lined-up, and the open hive concept was super exciting for them too. It was a great chance for the boys to see bees up close and to hear their busy humming as they put their ears close to the glass walls. 

The outdoor area was also set up with a lot of fun toys and games for the kids to play while I had a chat to the owner Simon Green, about the medicinal properties of different honey's. It was interesting to discover that Jarrah honey was tested to have a Total Phenolic Activity of about 30%, while Manuka honey was tested and had an equivalent of about 8%. 

Many studies have shown a strong and positive correlation between the Total Phenolic Activity and the Antioxidant Potential. Antioxidants play an important role in reducing the risk of developing some chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and neurological diseases. Part of their mode of action is to mop up free radicals produced by environmental stress and protecting DNA from oxidative damage. They also inhibit growth of tumor cells and possess anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Fruits and vegetables also have different levels of phenolic activity, which is why we should be also eating more of them in our diet. It's also why EVERY product we formulate have actives that are very high in anti-oxidants.

It's also why we see such good results with wound healing, soothing of inflamed skin, and skin regeneration with our products, in particular the Wound Healing Ointment, Manuka Cream, and the Manuka Healing Balm with Lavender and Wild Thyme Oil

Armed with this useful bit of information, I bought myself a large jar of Jarrah honey. Also a bottle of Mead and Blush.. something else to savour on another lazy, summer afternoon.